Winter in Australia is finally here! This means it’s time to start exploring winter wines online today. Winter is all about hearty and warm wines. During the cooler months we spend more time at home cooking for family and friends over restaurant dining, and this generally means the great wines come out to enjoy. As we embrace the cool season, we should start embracing purchasing wine online. In this article, we discuss why you should be buying wine online this winter.

Winter is for dining at home with family and friends

Cooking in the Kitchen

There is no surprise in winter we spend more time at home cooking instead of eating out. As the temperatures drop, we start to crave home cooked meals and we tend to entertain. This time is a great time to start exploring with foods and wine. Online home delivery means you can enjoy your next glass from the comfort of your own home.

Get free shipping and tonnes of other benefits when you buy online

Wine grapes

Wine grapes

When buying online, you can enjoy a range of benefits from free shipping, discounts and much more. You can generally save yourself time and money buying wine online, and most likely get the option to review a variety of wines in comparison to just what’s on the shelves. Most online merchants offer extended discounts for customer who make repeat purchases. With home delivery, you can conveniently have your heavy wine products delivered to your door without the hassle of leaving the house and being exposed to the cold.

Buy wine online is fun!

Yes, buying wine online is fun! Watching videos, reading all about the best winter wines on the market is a super fun experience. The Good Wine Club has a few fun and unique ways of purchasing wine from our wine club subscriptions, though to our book and wine club where you can have a monthly book title and two premium wines delivered.

Experiment with new dishes and wine pairings

Chicken and Sauvignon Blanc

Chicken and Sauvignon Blanc

Another great benefit of buying online is buying variety in bulk! You can choose quality wines at competitive prices and secure yourself a dozen wines as a variety pack. This variety will keep you going throughout winter which you can pair with your warm winter dishes which you can experience with friends and family.