Calling on all fire signs, earth signs, water signs and air signs! Ever wondered what wine variety matches your zodiac sign? At The Good Wine Club, we have cleverly crafted this article to bring out the unique qualities of the zodiac sign you were born under to suit your wine preferences.

Zodiac and Wine
Wine with friends

In this fun little article, we examine and match astrological signs with some of the most common wine varieties. Discover what your zodiac sign says about you – does your sign match your personal wine type?

Aquarius: Chardonnay

Much like the Aquarian sign, the Chardonnay wine variety is original, progressive, and unique. This full body style wine is extremely popular for its various light to deep expressions of oak and crisp acidity, much like an Aquarius tendency to be energetic and bright, to shy and quiet. An elegant wine full of texture made for an intelligent, and extremely popular Aquarian.

Pisces: Moscato

Moscato is a sweet, romantic, and gentle wine. Perfectly suited to the style of a compassionate and artistic Pieces. This wine is aromatic and complex with light refreshing floral characters – just like the sweet nature of a Piscean. This wine should be enjoyed at dessert time or as an aperitif. Like a fish swimming in cool waters, the fruit from this wine grows wonderfully in cooler regions.

Aries: Sauvignon Blanc

The only match for an Aries is the iconic Sauvignon Blanc – two very popular characters are known for being bold, zesty, and popular. A delightful dry white, full of tropical flavours and grassy characters – to be enjoyed on a hot summers day, a condition where a sociable Arians thrive. When the wine gods designed this variety, they design it with an Aerian in mind.

White Wine
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Taurus: Shiraz

Strong, big, with bold flavours, the Shiraz variety is known for its rich concentration and spicy flavours – the perfect drop for a bull Taurean. The Shiraz is Australia’s most famous wine export, it is a big drink with rich flavours, a full-bodied wine with deep colours, complementary characteristics for the strong willed, hardworking, and ambitious Taurean.

Gemini: Sangiovese

Sangiovese, the medium bodied Italian variety which packs a punch with its high acidity flavours, making it a wonderful drink to pair with food. This duo compliments the character of the twin Gemini – adaptable, quick to learn, confident with an ease of exchange in ideas. A delicious glass of Sangiovese with some food, a delightful pairing for any Gemini.

Cancer: Pinot Noir

Australia’s most popular light bodied red wine, this soft, seductive, and caring red is the perfect drop for Cancerians. Flavoursome with a soft pale red in colour, this elegant wine can retain black fruit flavours while young, to complex characters from tobacco and spice when aged. Australian Pinot Noir thrives in cool climate regions much like the Cancerian, a native to the cool sea waters.

Leo: Champagne or Sparkling

Leo, the ruler of the Zodiac, the King (or Queen) of the jungle, this majestic sign thrives on Champagne, or a delicious Australian sparkling white. A sparkling drop is fitting for a loud, passionate, and generous Leo. Leos are born entertainers and a glass of sparkling is a wonderful celebratory drink while entertaining for any special occasion. Champagne hails from France but impressive Australian sparkling alternatives are abundant.

Virgo: RosÉ

The Virgo sign is depicted by the feminine goddess of harvest. Loyal, kind yet practical and self-sufficient; Virgo’s are perfectionists by nature. Much like the dreamy pink colours found in a glass of Rosé – a perfect combination. A versatile, beautiful, and delicious summer wine with delicately gorgeous layers of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry – a refreshing drink for refreshing Virgoans. So, if you’re a Virgo get ready to say, ‘Rosé all day!’

Zodiac and Wine
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Libra: Riesling

The Riesling variety is an extremely popular light bodied white wine which contains citrus and bright fruit characters. This variety compliments the extroverted and friendly personality of a Libra. A popular light-dry white, a perfect for drink for a Libran to have with a few friends on a sunny Sunday afternoon or over a delicious dinner. An easy drinking wine for a harmonious, well-balanced Libran.

Scorpio: Tempranillo

This big, bold Italian grape is an emerging variety in Australia and is best matched with a passionate and sometimes secretive Scorpion. The Tempranillo’s flavour profile is juicy, fruity and full of body, and although it’s not as popular as the other big varieties, it packs a powerful punch much like a mysterious yet profound Scorpio.

Sagittarius: Chardonnay

Chardonnay, a popular full bodied white wine for a popular sign. Chardonnay caters to 50% of Australia’s white wine production and it grow across all regions. Needless to say, it is a standout variety which style compliments the smart, strong, assertive, and idealistic Sagittarian. This classic wine variety retains creamy textural oak flavours with crisp tropical minerality. A crowd pleaser for a sociable sign.

Capricorn: Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon is a well-structured, complex full-bodied wine which originated in the Bordeaux. With its robust tannin structure and thick skin, this is a notable wine that is well matched with the Capricorn zodiac sign. Capricorns are well known for there ambitious, determined and disciplined characteristics. A Cabernet Sauvignon which has aged to perfection, pairs perfectly with a driven Capricorn.