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Our mission is to share wine stories, make wine more inclusive and to provide our customers with a more pleasurable at home wine experience. We believe in offering an exciting range of Australian wines from unique, interesting, and quality producers at reasonable prices through our Wine Club.

We aren’t apart of the major chains, we don’t sell heavy discounted cases, and don’t have an elusive algorithm that predicts preferences – we use our tastebuds! We don’t believe in hard rules when it comes to wine, and we think it should bring us together no matter if you’re a rookie or a sommelier – so don’t be intimidated, enjoy a different variety every month. And while you shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to crack open a bottle, pair your next glass with something from our gift store and turn any casual occasion into a special ritual.

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Our Story

The Good Wine Club is the love child of two guys from Sydney who took a leap of faith and launched an online wine shop during a pandemic. Our platform is about creating special moments at home with friends, family and loved ones.

When the global pandemic hit in 2020, like many Australians our two founders were hit hard. With an urge to live in the pursuit of happiness in the new world, the idea of a ‘different kind’ of wine club came to mind over a glass of red one night.

With years of experience in the wine and hospitality industry (something they both thought they had left behind in a past life), our duo set out on a journey to create an inclusive online platform for lovers of wine and lifestyle.

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