There is nothing that brings a wine lover more joy than receiving their monthly wine subscription delivery! But how does one choose with the best wine club for them? With many players in the market, with the claims of being ‘Australia’s #1 Wine Club’, or the greatest tasting club, or the club with the best deals – it is extremely hard to narrow down the right one.

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We may be biased here at The Good Wine Club, but we believe we have best club, with first in market offerings and quality wines, there are plenty of reasons why our club members keep coming back for more. Don’t take our word for it though, in this article, we compare our club to some of others available in the market.

Are wine subscriptions worth it?

Well, the answer to this question is subjective – we tend to agree that most foodies and wine lovers would be benefit from having a subscription in place. The answer to this question depends on how much you drink and how often you like exploring wines. If you enjoy experiencing delicious wines on the regular, then a subscription would be perfect for you. In addition to the wine, some clubs have great member benefits, free gifts, giveaways, promotions, and way more – so it may be worth your while to sign up.

What type subscription services are available on the market?

There are plenty of subscriptions to choose – ranging from price point, retailer/producer, region, and style. Each different subscription service has their own unique selling point and benefits – the task is finding the right one for you.

The first distinctive group offering subscriptions are the wine producers themselves ie. the wineries and wine brands. Many wineries have their own clubs, offering repeat deliveries, or exclusives access to their range. If you are brand loyalist and like sticking to the same style selection, this might be the club for you.

The second distinctive subscription service is through wine merchant retailers. These clubs can offer a wide variety of wines, as most merchants make deals with the wineries direct – bringing a bigger selection to the customer at one simple price point. Majority of the clubs in the market offer Australian wines from popular regions – some marketing to low price points ($40) to the higher end of the spectrum ($300+). Some of the major players in the Australian market are clubs which have originated in the United Kingdom and the United Sates of America, and they have created a strong presence in the wine arena in Australia.

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On the flipside to the major players, there are the boutique providers – like The Good Wine Club. Smaller boutique clubs often focus on a range of hand-picked premium restaurant quality wines and good customer service. These smaller clubs tend to focus on purchasing in smaller quantities, with a big focus on taste, opposed to purchasing large quantities based on price.

The last style of merchant are the corporate clubs and the new age clubs. Over the last decade, corporate clubs have increased in size. This is where larger organisations branch out into wine territory under the same brand – from airlines to credit card service providers, there are a few brands out there that are making waves. And finally, new ages wine clubs are cropping up, with alternative style offerings from natural and organic wines.

Do clubs have locked in contracts and how much do I have to commit to?

The level of commitment of each wine club can change from club to club. Some clubs have minimum buys at the club level however, most to none have locked in contracts in place. With us, your subscription runs with you for however long you wish, and you can cancel at any time. Our specials contain 6 to 12 bottles, on a 1-, 2- or 3-month subscription plan. We have a range of different wine programs that are not available elsewhere on the market from our Book and Wine Club, to our Bubbles Club. If you are looking for something fun and interesting with minimum commitment, join today.

First Book and Wine Club Subscription in Australia

Book and Wine Club

Love reading and drinking wine? Well, say hello to Australia’s first Book and Wine Club subscription at The Good Wine Club. If you are looking for a different kind of wine club program, you should definitely check this one out. Once a month, we pair two premium Australian wines with a top selling book. You can choose between red or white – and a book title from fiction, non-fiction to self-development. This club is perfect for book worms who love a great tasting drop. Our team carefully curate exceptional book and wine pairings monthly so, you won’t be disappointed.

The Book and Wine Club launched in 2021 and has since become an extremely popular overnight seller. Our customer’s love experiences, and this program is a wonderful way of disconnecting from the tech while unwinding with a delicious glass of wine and a book.

First Bubbles Only Wine Club Subscription in Australia

Champagne Cheers

Did someone say Champagne? If you’re a lover of bubbles than this if for you! Wine clubs aren’t created equally – most clubs have a big preference on red and white still style wines. Which begs the question – what about the sparkling lover? Our monthly Bubbles Club is the best way to enjoy your sparkling varieties. Every second month you will receive six curated wines from around the globe delivered to your door – from French favorites to Australian classics. And yes, it’s the first of it’s offering in Australia so, it’s something to celebrate about. This program is perfect for birthdays, holidays and summer days. For a limited time, you will also receive a free gift on your first delivery, which is currently a set of 3 x crystal tumblers.

Why join The Good Wine Club?

We offer a boutique range of wines from restaurant quality favorites to hidden gems. Our main wine club program is backed by our Satisfaction Promise, so you are guaranteed a great tasting range of wines with every delivery, and as a bonus, on your first delivery you will receive a free gift. Every purchase you make, you accrue points which can be used to purchase products online. We have a wide selection of wine experiences to choose from including our Book and Wine Club subscription to Club Bubbles and Club Adventure plans.

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What’s the best wine club and wine subscription in Australia?

The truth is – the answer to this question is subjective. We may be a little bias in saying that we are the best wine club, but we also genuinely believe it’s because we have a great variety of wines and awesome experiences to offer our customers. If you are on the look out for the wine club that is the best fits you, take into consideration the wine experience you are looking for.

General Questions

What is the cost of memberships or wine subscription services?

Our club memberships start $129 a month for six premium wines a month. Other providers can range in price and quality but generally start at $130 to $250 plus.

How do wine subscriptions operate?

Most subscriptions operate on a month-to-month basis for as long as you like. You can generally choose what style of wine you would like delivered but for the most part you will receive a variety.

How many wines will I receive in my wine club subscription?

You can order up to a dozen wines on most subscriptions. Some clubs charge as much $79 for a delivery of three wines and others can charge as much as $299 for a dozen wines. The Good Wine Club subscriptions start at $129 for six premium wines.

What makes a great wine club?

What makes a great club is a mixture of excellent wines at affordable prices, free products, competitions, events, gifts, and a great brand providing you with amazing experiences.

Why should I join a wine club or subscription membership?

You should become a member of a subscription because it’s fun! Experiencing new products is exciting. Members also get a truck load of benefits like giveaways, offers and much more.

What is the book and wine club?

The Book and Wine Club is a monthly subscription where you will receive a top selling book and two premium Australian wines delivered.