Struggling to find a Christmas present for your nearest and dearest? Tired of Googling ‘top gifts for mum and dad’ or ‘what to buy someone who has everything’? Move over scented candles and aromas diffusers because this year is all about wine gift hampers. Save yourself from bad gift giving remorse and get the lowdown on why you should be giving hampers this year.

Shopping for wine gift hampers
Shopping for wine gift hampers

1) Save yourself from returning or exchanging products

Clothes, shoes, and perfumes can seem like great gift ideas but if you’re looking to surprise someone, it’s hard to pick the right size, or get the right scent without giving away the gift – and returning or exchanging presents can be time consuming. You simply won’t have these problems with wine gift hampers – the only question is what type of wine does the recipient like; do they refer a red, white, or sparkling wine? Do they prefer sweet treats or gourmet savoury products? You can choose from a variety of handmade gourmet treats, paired with a Shiraz from the Barossa, or a white wine from the Hunter – your options are endless.

Christmas wine gift hamper
Christmas wine gift hamper

2) Receiving a wine gift hamper is a wonderful experience

Luxury wine gift hampers are simply delightful. Whether it’s a two bottle of wine with a twin set of crystal glasses, with an array of artisan gourmet treats, give that special someone a gift that can enjoy over time. Indulging over the Christmas period is expected so, give the recipient an experience to remember.

3) Stop buying junk or products that don’t last – give something meaningful

Say no to junk! Giving or receiving poor-quality mass-produced products can seem like an excellent idea at Christmas time, or for a good laugh but after a few months knick knacks break and can be total waste of money in the long run. You should ask yourself, is the gift I am giving useful? In most cases, we tend to buy for the sake of giving, not for purpose. Quality hampers usually contain quality products which can be more meaningful and special to enjoy.

Selection of wines
Selection of wines

4) Awesome wines and sparkling favourites to choose from

One of the best reasons why you should gift a wine gift hamper is because gifting fine premium wine is an absolute treat. Most wine lovers enjoy a sensational glass of wine and if you can give this experience to someone who appreciates a nice bottle, it is one they would be grateful for. Most hampers come with a selection of one or two bottles, most varieties in each hamper pack are popular crowd pleasers, so you can’t go wrong.

5) Beautifully wrapped wine gift hampers

Presentation is key! Most wine gift hampers on the market are wrapped beautifully in boxes so, this will save you time and energy. Wrapping beautiful bows and sourcing the right box to fit your items can be fiddley – so, leave it to the experts! Most hamper shops have gift cards so, all you’ll need to do is pick your hamper, and write your special note to your loved one.

6) Wine gift hampers are impressive and super easy to organise

Hampers are impressive and easy! Shopping around Christmas time can be super stressful and burdensome, especially if you are buying multiple presents for multiple people – and if the person you are buying for is fussy, forget it! For one price, you can get beautifully wrapped hampers with artisan treats, delivered to your door. Hampers are truly no fuss at all, and super easy to organise.

Christmas Shopping Centre
Christmas Shopping Centre

7) Avoid the chaotic Christmas rush and shop safely online with free delivery to your door

The days leading up to Christmas, shopping centres are usually packed to the brim with shoppers scrummaging through department stores to find that prefect item. Dodge the Christmas rush by shopping for your hamper online. This is another excellent way of keeping safe, especially for those who are concerned about being in crowds during the time of COVID-19.

8) Save time and money on Christmas presents

Buying a wine gift hamper can usually help save money in your pocket. Hampers can be an economical way of saving time and effort. If you were to calculate the cost of each item in your hamper, you would find yourself saving more money if you were to buy a hamper set, over buying the items individually and wrapping them in a neat box.

Still looking for that special gift for that special someone? Christmas is right around the corner! At The Good Wine Club, we have a wide range of excellent wine gift hampers suited for all tastes and budgets.